Boys will be Boys York Road Sep 13
"Very interesting, brought things to light"
"Enjoyed, lovely, thanks!"
"The positive emphasis was really helpful - think I'd been expecting to address 'negative' boy behaviour, which would have been much less useful! We all (including boys) learn better when we build on the positive"
"Very informative & positive"
"Very useful & eye opening, thank you so much!"
"Really challenged our assumptions"
"Very thought provoking"
"A wonderful course! Every parent should take it"
Barleyfields Children's Centre  2014
"We have asked EPIC Early Years to run workshops. The families have told us that they have learned a lot from the sessions and like the "down to earth" ideas suggested as they can put them into action immediately and feel they complement what they are already doing. From the Children's Centre point of view, we value the fact that Emma provides a complete service from promoting the sessions to long-term evaluation. We are extremely happy to be working with EPIC and would highly recommend them."
Once Upon a Time Silver BirchesMar14
"Very good, really enjoyed it all"
"Another fab session. Wish I could have attended this course a few years ago so I could have noticed more my kids sharing their early signs of reading!"
"Really informative"
"Thank you for resources and ideas"
Boys will be Boys Bramble Hill May14
"Very interesting, made me realise that I am doing quite well with my son"
"I will now make more effort to ascertain his main interests so I can nurture them"
"Very positive"
"Very helpful - I could be honest and felt others were too"
"Found it very valuable"
Silver Birches Children's Centre2014
"I found the service provided by EPIC to be of a very professional standard and good value for money. It is perfectly tailored to Children's Centres too with the great depth of understanding of, and passion for, Early Years which is communicated really well to parents, which is all gathered by EPIC, reflects that booking with them is a wise move!"
Line Dot Squiggle Sopwell May 2014
"Very good"
"Very useful, learnt a lot of tips to encourage him to express himself"
"Great thanks - lots of ideas for my reluctant writer son! Well researched and very informative"
"Very interesting and good tips"
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