Emma Perry graduated from DeMontfort University in 2006 with a BEd (Hons) in Primary Teaching with an Early Years specialism.  She has since taught Early Years and more recently worked as a Children's Centre Teacher for Hertfordshire County Council.  She is studying for her MA in Early Years at the University of Hertfordshire and has recently become a published author writing a chapter for 'Transitions in the Early Years' (Sage 2012)

EPIC Early Years aims to offer a comprehensive and tailor made service to Children's Centres and Schools to support parents create a positive home learning environment for their children.

"During my work for Hertfordshire County Council with the Early Years Team, it became clear that there was a real need for parents to access opportunities to learn how to support their children's development and create a positive home learning environment.  Whilst current Early Years provision is of an incredibly high standard since the introduction of the Early Years Foundation Stage and more recently the revisions to this, some parents seem to be unaware of the value of high quality play based learning opportunities. I believe that a positive home learning environment from the child's primary educator, their parent or carer, can lead to improved outcomes in the long term and support a positive attitude to learning. As a result I have developed a range of tried and tested workshops which support this need".  
​                                                                Emma Perry founder of EPIC Early Years

Emma Perry has been running these type of workshops with success for over five years and has a proven track record working with families from a range of backgrounds.  EPIC Early Years provides a professional service which aims to compliment your service by engaging parents and supporting outcome for families.



Jo Curtis

Jo has a wealth of experience and is passionate about early years.  Jo qualified as a teacher in 2001 and has taught in Infant and Primary Schools in the UK and abroad as well as managing an early years unit for children aged 2-4.  Jo has also worked as a Children's Centre QT in both Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  She is currently teaching in a Hertfordshire School as well as delivering workshops for EPIC.

Verity Windmill

Verity has previously worked for Cambridgeshire County Council and is passionate about how young children learn through high quality play based opportunities.  Verity will be running workshops throughout Cambridgeshire.

Amanda Rolph

Amanda has worked as an Early Years teacher since graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Primary Education, in 2008. She has also held the positions of Foundation Stage Leader and school SENCo; coordinating the provision for children with Special Educational Needs. She is passionate about developing children’s early language and reading skills through picture books and stories.

Karen Stagg

Karen graduated as a primary teacher in 1996 and has a Master of Education degree (MEd). She has taught Early Years and Primary aged children in a number of Hertfordshire schools and lectured in Childcare and Education at a college of Further Education. More recently, she was a Hertfordshire Children's Centre Manager for seven years. Karen will be delivering workshops for EPIC across Hertfordshire.

Sally Perkins

Sally has a Level 3  qualification in childcare and a varied history in working with children and their families. From her role as a Foster carer, through to her current role as an Outreach worker in Hertfordshire Children's Centres. Sally will be delivering workshops across Hertfordshire for EPIC.

Lucy DeVito

Lucy qualified an Early Years Practitioner in 1998 and worked in a Day Nursery with children from 3mths -5 years.  She went on to manage a Day Nursery for 6 years where she continued her studies to gain her level 4 National Diploma in Early Years.

For the last 7 years she has worked in Children's Centres and gained a wealth of experience in supporting families with children under 5.

Lucy truly believes that parents are the first and most important educators in a childs early life. And is why she enjoys working with parents, to enable them enhance their child's learning.

Kelly Carroll

Kelly currently works in a Hertfordshire school as a family support worker and has enjoyed working with families and children since 2006. Kelly has a level 3 in child care learning and development and a level 3 in facilitating parent groups. Kelly is passionate about babies and young children's brain development and how early experiences  shape  this.

Tracey Dawson

Tracey is currently a district Early Years Consultant for Herts for Learning. She has a wealth of experience working with and training the PVI sector. She is also an Ofsted inspector for Early Years. Tracey will be delivering practitioner workshops across Hertfordshire for EPIC HfL.

The OFSTED Children's Centre SEF and grade descriptors (2014) asks for evidence of the following:

  • impact of practice and services in improving target children's school readiness (...) and improving parenting skills and the lives of target families

  • the quality and impact of services in improving outcomes, or sustaining already very good outcomes, in the following areas:

- the readiness of target children for school

- improved parenting


  • any follow-up work and/or tracking of children and their targeted families after they have completed courses or activities to identify sustained impact


EPIC Early Years can provide this evidence for you as well as evidence for partnership working.



 "The positive emphasis was really helpful - think I'd been expecting to address 'negative' boy behaviour which would have been much less useful! We all (including boys) learn better when we build on the positive"

Parent, Boys will be Boys Sept 2013

How it works...

1. Choose a workshop

Choose from one of our ready made workshops or contact us to discuss your tailor made requirements.

2. Contact EPIC

Contact us to discuss availability and book your session - sessions are available evenings, weekends and during the day. 

3. Find a space 

Choose a space for EPIC to deliver your workshop - this can be a classroom, training room, hall, etc.

4. Advertise your workshop

Invite parents, carers to your workshop through your groups, local Schools, Pre-Schools and targeted families.  EPIC will provide posters at no extra cost.

4. Book your participants on

Fill your workshop with up to 15 participants (dependent on room size).

5. EPIC does the rest

We will arrive at your chosen venue and all we require is a plug point, a blank wall (to project onto) and chairs for the participants.  We will provide everything else.  This includes 'before' and 'after' measures for you to show evidence of the workshop and how it has benefited your families.  This will be analysed and sent to you within 7 days of the workshop ending.  EPIC will also conduct a 'long term' outcome questionnaire with your participants by email and analyse this for you.